2014 VWC Adjuster's Seminar

September 16-17, 2014 | Greater Richmond Convention Center

Seminar Topics

Claims Overview

A panel of Commission employees will discuss the Claim for Benefits, benefits available, 20-Day Order Process (Claims/Payments) and average weekly wage/calculating AWW /COLA.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

This overview will provide a discussion on the Commission’s FROI and SROI process as well as 20-Day Orders Payments Made. The panel will also discuss common carrier filing issues.

Employee Misclassification (Independent Contractor vs. Employee)

A discussion on misclassification of employees who are treated as contract labor when the law does not allow for such classification and the penalties.

The Statutory Employer Law and Contractor Liability

A discussion on the Statutory Employer Law and the requirements of a business who hires subcontractors.

Use of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A discussion of the expeditious and efficient alternative to litigation for the resolution of disputes in the VWC including a mock mediation.

Medical Billing Disputes

A discussion of the current law concerning the fees of medical providers in workers’ compensation cases, options for resolving medical provider fee disputes, and changes that may be on the horizon.

Employer’s Applications for Hearing

A discussion of the currently law and procedures for filing Employer’s Applications for Hearing.

Hearings Before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

Commission staff will conduct a mock evidentiary hearing.

Settlements – What You Should Know….

A discussion on the settlement approval process by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and what carriers should know.

Vocational Rehabilitation

A discussion of the Workers’ Compensation benefit which provides various services to help injured employees return to their previous employment status, or to a position substantially similar to that prior to their injury.

Medicare Compliance Overview & The SMART Act

This session is designed to provide both a refresher course and update on Medicare compliance issues that each company faces in claim handling. It will cover conditional payments, MSAs, Section 111 reporting and the newly enacted SMART Act. The discussion will provide the most current trends and information in Medicare compliance.

Legislative Update and Recent Decisions

A panel of facilitators will share new legislation and talk about important, recent decisions from the Commission and the Court of Appeals.

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